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Tea Dance with Live Music with   American Vernacular Dance

Date:   Sunday December 9th 2018
Time:   1 to 5 PM
Event:   Ballroom Dance
Cost:   $15 general admission; $10 students
Location:  The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact:   Jim X. Borzym: 720-317-3946 - , or : -

Our dance this afternoon will feature the premier performance at Avalon of the band Swing St. Vrain. Here is the way they describe themselves:

"Swing St. Vrain is a gypsy jazz ensemble based in Longmont, Colorado. Formerly known as The Hot Club of Boulder, SSV plays "le jazz hot" in style of Django Reinhardt. The group draws material from a broad variety of sources, including Latin, choro, klezmer, and carefully selected pop tunes that fit into its overall sound. Instrumentation includes Selmer and DiMauro style guitars, archtop jazz guitars, mandolin, Greek bouzouki, tenor banjo, violin, upright bass, male and female vocals in English, French, Spanish, and Yiddish. As The Hot Club of Boulder we produced three gypsy jazz festivals in Longmont, Colorado, played the Longmont Jazz Festival several times, and appeared at the first Djangofest Colorado in Crested Butte. "


Kaila Fluss - vocals

Holly Harwig - harmony vocals, percussion

Barron Beshoar - solo guitar, mandolin, vocals, band leader

Wayne Vandenberg - rhythm guitar

Ryne Meese - bass

Dance lesson at 1 PM. Open dancing to live music 2 to 5 PM. DJ'd music during intermissions.

$15 general admission, cash or check at the door. Dance lesson and light refreshments included. All ages.

Boulder Contras and Waltzes with   Colorado Friends of Old Time Music and Dance

Date:   Friday November 30th 2018
Time:   8-11pm (7:30pm Contra lesson)
Event:   Contra Dance
Cost:   $10 general, $8 members, $5 students
Location:  The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact:  Viki Lawrence: 303-913-2534 - waltznight@cfootmad.org, or Paul: 970-353-6340 -

 An evening mix of contras and waltzes.  Contra dancing is participatory American folk dancing — vigorous and enthusiastic. Contra dances feature “live music” every time — Irish fiddle music, Old Time fiddle music or some “wild derivation.” Fun and easy to do, each dance is taught before the music begins.   All are welcome, and no partner is needed.

 Caller - Helle Hill; Band - Balance & Swing; 7:30 p.m. Contra lesson

Shim-Sham lesson with   Art and Becky Bragg

Date:   Saturday November 17th 2018
Time:   7:00pm -- 8:00pm
Event:   Swing Lesson
Cost:   Free!
Location:  The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact:   Art Bragg: - info@swingcircleboulder.com, or : -


Saturday, November 17th from 7- 8:00 PM

The Shim-Sham is the classic swing line-dance from the 1930’s danced at swing dances all around the world, and at all our swing dances in the Boulder-Denver area. Come learn this fun dance with us, and then dance it later the same evening at the Third Saturday Swing Dance at the Avalon!

Shim-Sham lesson included with admission to the dance!

Swing with Hot Tomatoes with   American Vernacular Dance

Date:   Saturday November 17th 2018
Time:   7 to 11 PM
Event:   Swing Dance
Cost:   $15; $10 Students; Volunteers Free!
Location:  The Avalon, 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO, 80303
Contact:  Jim X. Borzym: 720-317-3946 - avd@columbine.net, or : -

The Hot Tomatoes are the Denver area's longest lasting swing dance orchestra. Founded by pianist Ron Cope in 1982 this group has changed personnel over the years, but has maintained its wonderful sound and many wonderful arrangements. (More detailed information below.) I feature the Hot Tomatoes at least once a year, and in 2018 they will appear not only in their usual winter slot, but also this past spring. Hooray! Do please join us!

The evening will start with a general swing dance class at 7 PM. Suitable for beginners, it will give the basics, and then in the second half hour move into cool moves. A great way to get started and get acquainted! This month there will be a simultaneous Shim-Sham class offered in the north hall, also included in the price of admission.

The band will play from 8 to 11 PM, mostly swing, with a few foxtrots, slow numbers and waltzes. There will be recorded dance music during the two intermissions.

There are nice snacks included. The ballroom has a wonderful cushioned oak floor and a terrific audio system - not too loud! Adult beverages are BYO.

Singles, beginners, all welcome. We try to be a friendly and inclusive crowd.

American Vernacular Dance hosts over fifty dances a year at the Avalon Ballroom - swing, waltz, ballroom, vintage - and the New Years Eve gala party. Please do join us.

For more information: avd@columbine.net.

Thank you.

Jim X. Borzym


The Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra

Well, that is their official name, and yes they are technically a dance orchestra because they play so many kinds of dance tunes, but we can think of them as a Swing Dance Band. Because that’s what they do when they swing for our dances at the Avalon.

This is a “little big band” with nine professional musicians; three horns, three brass and three rhythm players; this tends to make the music very clear – every instrument can be heard. The Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra is the most venerable swing band in Colorado that has stayed at the top of the heap. Young players that were in the band when I first moved to Colorado have taken on the leadership of the band and other younger members have joined over the decades. They have issued at least seven music recordings over the years and they are all excellent.

When you have a band like this that has all top-flight musicians, the distinction of a band starts to depend more upon their ‘book’ – the collection of arrangements that they have amassed over many years. These arrangements are often unique to a particular band and showcase the particular instrumentation of that ensemble. These arrangements are often closely held for the band’s use only. The Tomatoes have had several excellent arrangers in their orchestra.

I book the Hot Tomatoes every year and it is always a treat to dance with them. These musicians routinely say that thing about playing for dancers – that the musicians get a lot of energy from seeing the happy dancers, and that energy rebounds off the stage back out to the floor. This band will have several public appearances in the last weeks of the year, including the White Christmas Ball in Denver, and the December gathering of the Denver Jazz Club.

This is a really great swing band, and I really hope you will join us for a great party!