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   Watch Your Step! Vintage Dance Vignettes  |   Performing Group

Focusing on the dance craze that overtook America in the 1910s, our pieces
range from the silly to the elegant. Marvel at the antics of the animal dances,
including the grizzly bear, the turkey trot, and the wallaby hop. Enjoy the refined
hesitation waltz and the half and half. And revel in exotic dances adapted from
foreign countries, such as the maxixe from Brazil and the tango from Argentina.
Finally, delight in the exuberant Castle Walk, introduced by Vernon and Irene
Castle, the most famous dance performers and teachers of the ragtime era.

Our troupe amuses and informs the public through the presentation of these
dances from the past, some of which?like the foxtrot?evolved into the
ballroom dances we know today.

Watch Your Step! is available for presentations, performances, and instruction in
ragtime dance.

Watch Your Step! performs early 20th century American social dances -- from the ragtime craze of the 1910s, through the wild 1920s, to the swinging and elegant 1930s.

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Dorothy Vernon


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